Senate Bill 126 extension, take-out alcohol orders take effect Saturday | Missouri News

COLUMBIA – The Missouri Senate decision to extend a bill allowing the sale of take-out alcohol comes into effect Saturday.

The Senate bill on Bill 126 was established at the start of the pandemic to create a safer and more socially distant way of drinking. July 7 the senate decided to extend the dates of entry into force of the bill in light of a spike in projections of COVID-19 cases.

Tropical Liquors is one of the many local bars that are in favor of extending the take-out law.

Tropical Liquors Head Bartender Rebecca Thomas said being able to take alcoholic slushies from the restaurant in a safe environment is a smart way to drink.

“It’s a great idea for people to responsibly bring their alcohol home so they can drink where they don’t have to worry about driving,” Thomas said.

A waiter from another local restaurant, Las Margaritas, expressed gratitude for the extension of the order.

“Personally, I love it because a lot of people want drinks to go and it increases sales for us,” said Bella Bowers.

Law SB 126 stipulates that bar establishments “must provide the consumer with a dated receipt for the purchase of intoxicating drinks”.

The law will remain in force indefinitely, unless future legislation decides otherwise.

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