Should people be allowed to drink alcohol on the sidewalks, Fayetteville?

  • An investigation is carried out on the idea.
  • The social district could start this fall and continue until the end of the year.
  • The neighborhood would run along Hay Street and Franklin Street.

Fayetteville’s proposed “social district” — an area allowing people to legally drink alcoholic beverages on the street and on the sidewalk outside the confines of a restaurant or bar — would cover much of downtown. city ​​and could begin in the coming months on a test basis, said Bianca Shoneman, president and CEO of Cool Spring downtown neighborhood.

In the meantime, the Cool Spring association is asking the public for their opinion and suggestions for the social district. The survey runs until Friday August 26 and asks if a social district would be a good idea, the days and times it should operate and what the name of the district should be.

Those wishing to participate can obtain the survey online at

Alcoholic beverages on the street? :Downtown Fayetteville may soon allow alcoholic beverages on the streets

Participate in the survey:Click here to review a social drink district in downtown Fayetteville.

The map of social districts:Click here to see where you might be able to walk around with an adult drink in hand.

The owner of a cafe that sells alcohol in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, holds an adult beverage outside.  Here in North Carolina, Fayetteville may soon allow people to drink alcoholic beverages on public streets and sidewalks in its downtown area.

Social districts are a new concept in North Carolina, legalized last year by the legislature and the governor. As of Friday afternoon, nine more cities and towns have created social districts, said the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.nd so far enacted in several other cities.

State law normally prohibits the consumption of alcohol on public streets and sidewalks. But in a social neighborhood, people would be allowed to buy a drink and drink it on the go.

The Cool Spring Downtown District, which promotes arts and entertainment in downtown Fayetteville, is “exploring the merchant and community temperature” on the idea here, Shoneman said. The goal is to create “a walkable, friendly environment that puts your feet in the street and diners in the seats,” she said.

Following the COVID pandemic, “it will take a long, long time before people feel comfortable being crammed side by side into small spaces,” she said. “As the evolution of our new normal takes hold, it will give the public the opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy what downtown has to offer.”

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The map of the proposed social district shows that it would run along the corridor of Hay and Person streets in the middle of downtown and extend to Franklin and Russell streets on one side and Old and Bow streets on the other.

One end begins with the Winslow Street train tracks, Amtrak station and the new city parking lot, and is anchored there by Segra Stadium near Hay Street and Bright Light Brewing Co. on Russell Street.

The other end of the social district stops on Person Street at the intersection of Person Street, Bow Street and Otis F. Jones Drive near the Cumberland County Courthouse.

After getting public feedback, Shoneman said, the Cool Springs organization hopes to take the idea to city council in September and ask the council to vote to implement the social district based on a pilot program until later. at the end of the calendar year.

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