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Sotheby’s is turning to Burgundy to help it create a sensation with its first sale of wines in France.

A private collection from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, including a few rare magnums and methusalems from Burgundy, will be auctioned on November 2 in Beaune. Don’t worry if you can’t cross the Atlantic, as the online auction opened on Tuesday.

The sale will consist of 25 lots of wines which all bear the Romanée-Conti appellation, which belongs to the most sought-after area of ​​Burgundy; each bottle and case was acquired directly from the famous label. With vintages in the collection ranging from 1998 to 2011 – including two of the brand’s most coveted, 2000 and 2010 – Sotheby’s clearly has high hopes for the auction and has placed a pre-sale estimate between $ 797,000 and $ 1.05 million on the entire collection. .

Three bottles of Romanée-Conti 2010


The headliner, without a doubt, is a Methusalem of Romanée-Conti 2000. “The Millennium has exploded on the horizon with this beautifully balanced wine, so ripe and with such fresh acidity – these wonderful old vines have so much to offer. contributed here, ”Serena Sutcliffe, Sotheby’s Wine Honorary President said in a statement. “Opulent, complex, refined and intricate, with an enormous dollop of 2000 charm.” This selection has a presale estimate of between $ 163,000 and $ 209,000.

Another lot to watch out for is a case of three bottles of 2010 Romanée-Conti which is expected to sell for between $ 47,000 and $ 64,000. There is also a case of 12 bottles from 1998 which should fetch a similar price, as well as a lot of a dozen bottles from 2001 which could sell for between $ 52,000 and $ 70,000.

As exorbitant as the pre-sale estimates for next month’s lots may seem, they could actually be fair on the money, as the Burgundy auction market is currently experiencing some kind of boom. Last month, a 2002 Romanée-Conti Methuselah sold for $ 398,000 at auction in Hong Kong, setting a new record for a bottle of wine. Sadly, nothing from 2002 will be up for grabs next month, but there is still plenty more to excite collectors and enthusiasts alike.


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