Tea, ice cream and a coffee trolley are some of the future offerings of Mademoiselle Colette’s new Atherton café | News

“Baby Colette” is the endearing way Mademoiselle Colette owner Debora Ferrand describes her future cafe in Atherton.

the French pastry, which has locations in Redwood City, Palo Alto and Menlo Park, as well as a ghost kitchen in Mountain View, won the tender to operate a 250-square-foot cafe in the new $19.1 million library. dollars and 10,000 square feet of Atherton this fall. The municipality plans to sign a five-year lease with the bakery.

“We don’t have anywhere in the neighborhood where residents can meet,” Atherton resident Ferrand said in an interview at her Menlo Park location last week. She said the vibe of the space was “really nice.” “Coffee will bring energy and a lot of people to town.”

As an almost entirely residential community, with the exception of schools and the Menlo Circus Club, residents of Atherton typically travel to Menlo Park, Redwood City, or Palo Alto to eat out.

“The quality of her pastries which she bakes daily, coffee and beverage selections and an assortment of small plates seemed to be exactly what we were looking for,” Atherton Councilor Elizabeth Lewis said in an email. mail. “I think she will be a big hit with us because of her instantly recognizable name and reputation. I can’t wait to enjoy a latte and brioche on the library terrace under the oak trees.”

Ferrand said an email from city staff alerted her to the opening of the cafe site in the city’s new $32 million civic center project.

Born in Brazil but raised in France, Ferrand attended Le Cordon Bleu and studied at Alain Ducasse’s school in France. She opened Mademoiselle Colette on Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park in 2015.

As there is no kitchen on the Atherton site, it will serve similar items but adapt them. For example, her avocado toast (which will be made on homemade sourdough bread with pomegranates, sesame seeds, onions, pickles, and lime sauce) would come without a poached egg.

She plans to prepare food in the Menlo Park kitchen and heat it up in a counter oven in Atherton. Offers include raspberry financiers, éclairs, a variety of salads and sandwiches (including croque monsieurs), as well as hot drinks, she said. proposal to the city.

A bridge and a terrace of approximately 2,000 square feet face the café area. The city will provide outdoor tables and chairs, according to Ferrand.

Ferrand’s plans for the new café are nearly complete, but she needs to find a contractor to do the job. She expects the new space to have the same Parisian aesthetic as her other cafes, but part of the $151,000 renovations will include plaster, floral wallpaper, marble and mirrors. She plans to make the space a bit more modern than other places to match the design of the library.

Ferrand would like to start a tea service at the Atherton location, something she has said she has wanted to do for years.

In the service, she would like to include the France Mariage Frères teas that she has on her other coffee menus, as well as mini pastries and savouries.

She hopes to bring a small ice cream and coffee cart to cafes in Atherton and Redwood City. She’s been planning to have a cart at the Redwood City site since October 2020, but that hasn’t happened yet.

In April, Atherton City Council gave Ferrand the green light to continue serving wine in the new cafe. She is working with the state Department of Liquor Control to see if the new cafe will be allowed to consume alcohol. She is not sure if this will be possible as there are some limitations on serving alcohol near a school and is not sure if this restriction applies to libraries.

She would pair the wine with cheese plates, quiches and charcuterie boards, if allowed, she said.

Mademoiselle Colette initially plans to be open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., but hours will change later if wine can be served, Ferrand said.

Ferrand plans to employ around two to four people, baristas, a shift manager and sales people to work in the new café. It plans to equip the cafe with refrigerators, a dishwasher, a sink, cabinets and more, the proposal says.

SiliconValley.coffeean artisanal coffee roaster based in San Carlos, also submitted a proposal to Atherton to manage the coffee space but was not selected.

The SiliconValley.coffee Lab opens this spring as a coffee tasting room at 651 Oak Grove Ave. in Menlo Park, next to the US Post Office branch, according to the company’s proposal. Its co-founders are Atherton residents Vance Bjorn and Matt Baker (who is chairman of Atherton’s parks and recreation committee).

The cafe at the Atherton location was reportedly served by both people and a robot, the Artly Robotic Barista. The company proposed, instead of cash rent, to offer city and library staff a deep discount, 50% on take-out drink purchases, at the cafe, according to the proposal.

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