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SevenFifty Daily launched in July 2017 with the aim of becoming the go-to source of information for the beverage trade, aiming to shine a light on the people and ideas driving the industry forward, highlighting a wide range of voices and uncovering new ideas for help beverage professionals do their job better.

In the five years since then, we’ve published over 1,000 stories as part of our mission to achieve that goal – and now, we’re looking back at 12 articles that best defined this publication during that time. They include hard-hitting essays and reports on the issues most relevant to the beverage trade, such as Dorothy Gaiter’s essay on being black in a white wine-overwhelming world and Betsy Andrews’ report on age discrimination in the beverage industry. But they also include some of the series that have become most popular among readers, such as deep science dives and people spotlights.

As we turn the page SevenFifty DailyIn the next chapter, review the stories that best embody our mission to cover and celebrate the beverage business and culture.

Artwork by Jeff Quinn.

Dorothy J. Gaiter talks about her experience as a black wine journalist in an industry that has been slow to shed its exclusive all-white club identity

Following the May 25, 2020 murder of George Floyd, wine businesses across the United States have committed to becoming more diverse and inclusive. Two weeks later, Dorothy Gaiter penned a candid and straightforward account of the industry’s lack of progress in her career as a wine journalist, from being sidelined at tables at traveling tastings to being kicked out – or invited after the fact – industry events.

Since then, many points of his essay have reverberated through the beverage industry. Have DEI initiatives of wine companies really moved the needle, or were they, once again, empty promises? This remains to be seen and will continue to be one of our industry’s most pressing issues in the future. [Read the full article]

Photo illustration by Jeff Quinn.

More than a year after the scandal that rocked the wine world in 2018, candidates and Master Sommeliers are still fighting for change

In October 2018, a shocked wine industry learned that a Master Sommelier disclosed confidential information of the 2018 Master Sommelier Diploma Examination, leading the Board of Directors of the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas (CMSA), to invalidate the examination results and strip all new Master Sommeliers except one of their titles .

But more than a year later, this powerful organization had released little information about the incident, despite concerted efforts by the candidates concerned and a worried group of master sommeliers, raising questions about the structure and governance of the CMSA. With this follow-up survey, SevenFifty Daily brought to light previously hidden details amid calls for change. [Read the full article]

2018 Innovators
Artwork by Lynn Scurfield.

Celebrating the people who push new boundaries and take our industry to new heights

Part of SevenFifty DailyThe fundamental mission of was to showcase the people and concepts that drive the beverage industry forward, striving to represent a wide range of voices across the industry. That’s what our first Drinks Innovators article focused on, spotlighting the likes of Nate Ready, the forward-thinking owner of Hiyu Wine Farm, and Kevin Bradford, Kim Harris and Stacey Lee, the founders of the first beer bar. crafts from Harlem.

Our original Drinks Innovators series was repeated in 2019, and the format paved the way for our Dark Drink Innovators and AAPI Beverage Innovators features in 2020 and 2021. [Read the full article]

milk punch
Dante’s Milk Punch. Photo courtesy of Dante.

How Bartenders Use Techniques Like Milk Washing To Improve The Flavor And Mouthfeel Of Certain Cocktails

One of the first essentials of SevenFifty Dailyour scientific Series has proven to be one of the most popular among readers over the years. From detailing the science of the structural components of wine to cocktail techniques, these articles dive below the surface to offer in-depth information in a digestible way. [Read the full article]

Green Bottle Gen. Photo courtesy of Green Gen Technologies.

A new generation of products aims to reduce the carbon footprint of wine, spirits and beer for a more sustainable future

Beverage producers are feeling the real-time effects of the climate crisis, making sustainability a priority across the industry. That’s why we launched our sustainability section in 2021, a hub for pieces that highlight cutting-edge initiatives and ideas in this space, such as those detailed in this eco-packaging innovation piece, featuring products from wine, beer and spirits reducing the carbon footprint. [Read the full article]

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Second edition of SevenFifty’s industry-wide report reveals reasons for optimism but also challenges for the future

In 2018 and 2019, SevenFifty Daily worked with SevenFifty to survey thousands of beverage professionals about the top issues facing the industry as a whole. The publication then sat down with beverage executives to discuss first-hand data from this career and salary survey, highlighting key takeaways about the state of the industry.

Since the last Career and Wage Survey in 2019, some issues remain or have become even more pressing, such as the need for workplace policies that put their employees first or the impact of climate change. But after the events of the last three years, a lot has changed and we hope to assess these changes using first-hand data in the future. [Read the full article]

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A primer on what small and medium operators need to know about rapidly changing tax, shipping and technology laws

As a publication for the beverage trade, our goal has always been to uncover information and highlight takeaways that professionals can use in their daily work and leverage to level up in their work. This overview of online sales, local delivery and shipping for small and medium-sized businesses served as a guide for what has become an essential sales channel for retailers. [Read the full article]

Grizzled canary grisette.
Grizzled canary grisette. Photo by Joanna Warden.

Alternative yeasts and bacteria offer a new palette of flavors for brewers pushing the boundaries

Although a large part of SevenFifty DailyCoverage of focused on wines and spirits, covering innovation and trends in the beer industry was also fundamental to our reporting. As well as contributing to editor Joshua Bernstein’s article exploring how brewers are working with new yeasts and bacteria, we’ve also covered innovations in beer fashions, packagingand beyond. [Read the full article]

The beverage industry has a problem with ageism
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What it’s like to grow old in the beverage industry and how to deal with the discrimination that comes with it

Age discrimination is prevalent in all sectors, but is particularly felt in the beverage industry, where experienced workers report being pushed out of their jobs or not hired because of their age. Editor Betsy Andrews called this issue “personal and urgent” when she reported this article in early 2022, and given the outpouring of responses we received after it was published, it certainly rang true for many beverage professionals. [Read the full article]

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Offsite sales are booming, but protocol, consumer behavior and regulations present new challenges

As beverage and hospitality businesses were turned upside down in March 2020, SevenFifty DailyThe coverage of has shifted to respond to the new realities in which our readers operated. This report explained how retailers were adapting to new legal regulations and health protocols at the start of the pandemic, while our article on sale of alcohol to take away explored emergency legislation that allowed restaurants and bars to generate income despite mandatory closures. [Read the full article]

Pascaline Lepeltier.

In the SevenFifty Daily Supertasters video series, we choose the wines, then challenge some of the best palates in the industry to blind tastings to glean their extraordinary techniques

When we founded SevenFifty Daily, we understand that for beverage professionals, beverage is not just a job, it’s a passion. Blind tasting is one of those niche skills that is particular to the wine industry, something that many have a love-hate relationship with, but is part of wine culture nonetheless.

Our Supertasters Video Series takes some of the industry’s most well-known personalities and top palates and challenges them to blind taste wines on camera. The result is not only entertaining, but educational, providing visible takeaways to help professionals improve their own tasting skills. [Read the full article]

Artwork by Jeff Quinn.

Pressure from small producers, e-commerce and new emerging models are challenging the traditional three-tier system. How are new players and established wholesalers reacting?

The beverage industry is constantly evolving, but it currently finds itself in a period of unprecedented transformation. This has certainly been accelerated by the pandemic as companies have used virtual channels to connect with buyers and consumers, but many of these changes were implemented even before 2020. This report has highlighted the many ways in which the distribution of alcohol has transformed in recent years. , but other major changes in the industry also persist – and SevenFifty Daily looks forward to exploring them in the years to come. [Read the full article]

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