The celebrity does not ask for a match for Margaux


Rumors abounded that fans of the K-Pop group BTS bought all of Margaux’s available inventory. Spoiler: they didn’t.

Celebrity mentions are often the dreamers of wine marketers, but the authenticity and duration of that influence can be difficult to quantify.

Korean pop group BTS caused a sensation in the fine wine world last month when Kim Taehyung (aka V) posted a photo of himself on September 29 on Twitter, posing with a bottle of Chateau Margaux 2001. Anyway Obviously, this was the first selfie the singer had posted on social media in over a year. Reports suggest that research into the price of wine began to grow online within minutes, becoming one of the world’s most popular queries, thanks to fans keen to emulate their idol’s drinking habits.

Château Margaux is an emblematic domain, one of the four premier crus classified in the 1855 classification of the Médoc. The style of its wines is the archetype of the Margaux appellation, elegant and fragrant, generally with more freshness and balance than the other premier crus. The first wine of Château Margaux is undoubtedly a first-rate wine.

Wine-Searcher has certainly seen a substantial increase in the number of visitors searching for Ch̢teau Margaux wines. This increase is all the more impressive given that the Ch̢teaux Margaux are in any case around fifth place in our ranking of the most sought-after wines on the site. From an average of around 3,000 searches per day in September until that date, searches have risen sharply after the tweet, topping 14,000 that day. Search volumes continued to be high for the next two days before falling back to normal levels. The countries that showed the most interest were India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam Рthose countries with the strongest Korean cultural wave.

Sell ​​- or not?

Some reports claimed that within minutes of the tweet, stocks at Château Margaux were depleted. Margaux fans don’t have to panic, however, we are still showing lots of ads. To date, there are nearly 11,000 offers, covering 108 vintages, available worldwide from merchants listed in the Wine-Searcher database. Of these, around 8,000 deals are from retailers with physical stocks (the others being auction stocks, brokerage stocks, pre-orders, and early bird stocks – the search parameters can be changed to filter out these other classes. of wines from your results).

With an average worldwide price excluding VAT of $ 664 per bottle and a critical rating aggregated by Wine-Searcher of 94, the 2001 is a good but not a great vintage of Château Margaux. The estate’s aggregate overall score for all vintages is 95 and its overall average net price of $ 783, so the 2001 offers relatively good value for a vintage of this wine.

Other reports suggest that fans chose to buy the 1992 Margaux – instead of the 2001 vintage their idol posed with – because this vintage was significantly cheaper. Maybe some of them had used Wine-Searcher to discover this price disparity between the vintages? Sadly, 1992 was a notoriously poor vintage in Bordeaux, with rain for much of the growing season, compromising maturity and encouraging rot.

Chateau Margaux made what was a fairly good wine in 1992, given the circumstances. However, at $ 474 a bottle tax free, the 1992 achieves an aggregate Wine-Searcher score of just 87. Although 1984 and 1976 equal 1992, it is necessary to go back to 1975 to find a lower rated wine labeled Château Margaux. With average pre-tax prices of $ 471, $ 360, and $ 390 respectively, ’84, ’76, and ’75 are cheaper options than the 1992s, but were less widely available. Although cheaper than the 2001 vintage, the 1992 Margaux is expensive for a wine with a score of only 87.

The more astute of BTS followers could have used some of Wine-Searcher’s other features such as the “Also from this producer” link at the bottom of our search page – if they had, they would have discovered the second and third wines of Château Margaux. These are two wines made alongside the first wine, with the same care and attention, only being excluded from the first wine at the blending stage.

Selecting the Pavillon Rouge du Margaux, the second wine, of 2001 would have given them a wine with an average price excluding tax of $ 228 per bottle and an aggregate Wine-Searcher score of 89 – cheaper than the first wine of 2001, all by being better and cheaper than the 1992.

Not produced in 2001, the estate’s third wine, Margaux du Château Margaux, can also offer better value for money. The wine combines an aggregate critical score of 90 for all vintages with a worldwide average tax-free price of just $ 154 per bottle – a mind-boggling value for money compared to any of these other wines.

So there is good news on all levels – Margaux lovers need not worry, as overall the estate’s wine stocks are still plentiful. BTS fans can also be encouraged that they can also drink with their icons for much cheaper prices if they choose.


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