‘The last thing I would try is wine’: Lando Norris will never try Daniel Ricciardo’s $80 booze

Lando Norris claims he will never sip a glass of wine because he hates it, unlike teammate Daniel Ricciardo, who has his own line.

F1 drivers have a lavish lifestyle, and alcohol is a big part of that. Even the podium celebration has an alcoholic drink sprayed among the podium holders after each race.

Additionally, F1 drivers are heavily involved in clubbing and partying, whether at team events or just romping around with their friends. So alcohol is everywhere in F1.

McLaren teammates Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris are very involved in this process. However, the choice of alcohol is very different for the two.

While Ricciardo loves wine and even has his own line with ST Hugo, which costs $80 a bottle, Norris hates wine and thinks he’ll never even have it.

“We just have different interests, different ages, growing up in different times,” Norris told Beyond the Grid. “He drinks a lot of wine, and that’s the last thing I could want to do in my life is drink wine, it’s drink wine for fun because I hate it so much.”

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris: a great contrast

There’s no denying that Ricciardo and Norris get along well. However, the difference between their bond versus how close Norris has gotten to Carlos Sainz is huge.

Norris explains that it’s because the age difference between him and Ricciardo is huge, while his former teammate is much closer in age. Therefore, their friendship was stronger.

However, he also admits that he is fine with Ricciardo, who is also a fun-loving guy. However, he sees the Aussie more as a veteran of the sport and a guiding figure, unlike Sainz who was more of a competition for him.

So it’s easier to understand that Ricciardo and Norris, despite their recovery, hadn’t struck up a friendship like CarLando. The Briton will have a new teammate in Oscar Piastri in 2023, who is almost 18 months younger. So what kind of camaraderie will they establish? That remains to be seen.

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