The Rhein & CIE Azuga 1892 cellars will have a new concept, honoring the memory of the founders, King Carol I and the Rhein family


The Rhine & CTHAT IS TO SAY Azuga 1892 Cellars, owned by The Iconic Estate, part of the Alexandrion group, will have a new concept that will exemplify the royal spirit and reflect the longevity and nearly 130 years of history of the place. The concept will reflect the charm and refinement that this complex, developed by the Rhein family at the request of King Carol I, owner of the Azuga-Predeal estate, had at the end of the 19th century – beginning of the 20th century, highlighting its heritage. cultural and historical and the strong and long link with the Royal House of Romania. Produced at Rhein & CTHAT IS TO SAY Caves Azuga 1892, without interruption, for more than a century the Rhein sparkling wine was for the first time the official supplier of the Royal House of Romania in 1904 and continues to play this role, being present at some of the most important events organized by the Royal House of Romania over the years.

“We will travel through time and relive the image and the spirit, the elegance and the distinction that this place had almost 130 years ago. Rhein & CTHAT IS TO SAY Les Caves Azuga 1892 is perhaps the only place in Europe where sparkling wine has been produced continuously for over a century by the traditional method.

We want to honor the memory of the founders of the Caves du Rhin: King Carol I, who requested and encouraged the erection of this place on the land he owned and the Rhein brothers, prosperous businessmen at the end of the 19th century. and from the beginning of the 20th century, which built, developed and started the production of sparkling wine at the Caves du Rhin. At the same time, we would like to pay tribute and thank all those who have made a special effort and made it possible for Rhein & CIE Les Caves Azuga 1892 remained open and continued production without interruption after the First World War.

Rhein & CTHAT IS TO SAY The Azuga 1892 cellars will no longer only be a tourist attraction, they will become a historical objective, which people will visit for its tradition in the production of sparkling wines, by the traditional method, with secondary fermentation in the bottle, a very meticulous and complex process. , very well controlled, in which the wine that forms the basis, the time and temperature of fermentation are essential. They will visit the winery and learn how this sparkling wine is produced, visit the museum and enjoy the new royal menu, which is a reinterpretation of the dishes enjoyed by the royal family of Romania. We will no longer have a simple restaurant here, but a unique concept in Romania, with the highest level of quality.

Throughout this process we have the full support of the Royal House of Romania, the descendants of King Carol I, represented by Her Majesty Margareta, the Guardian of the Crown, whom we thank for all the support given.

As a token of appreciation for the long and solid relationship we have with the Royal House of Romania, we will have the joy and honor to soon launch Queen Margareta sparkling wine, which will be produced here at Rhein & CTHAT IS TO SAY Azuga Cellars 1892. It will be a sparkling wine produced in limited edition. I will coordinate its marketing and carefully select the locations where it will be listed and all purchases, ”said Mr. Nawaf Salameh, President and Founder of the Alexandrion Group.

Nawaf Salameh, president and founder of the Alexandrion group

The Rhine & CTHAT IS TO SAY The Caves Azuga 1892 include an above ground wine cellar, a guest house, a restaurant and a wine and spirits shop, open to the tourist circuit. Guests who will visit Rhein & CTHAT IS TO SAY Les Caves Azuga 1892 will have the opportunity to spend moments of relaxation in a destination with a superior level of comfort. Chef Ecaterina Paraschiv, one of the most appreciated and experienced chefs in Paris, has created a royal menu, with refined dishes, the flavors of which will be amplified by the association with wines from the The Iconic Estate portfolio.

Chef Ecaterina Paraschiv

The presentation of the new concept and the tasting of the royal menu took place on December 2sd in the presence of the press, Mr. Nawaf Salameh, Mr. Radu Ghină, Counselor of the Royal House of Romania and Julia Scavo, the new Brand Ambassador of the Rhein Extra range, the range of Hyperion still wines and the SABER Elyzia fruit liqueurs . Gravelax of trout, salmon, beetroot, raspberry powder, garden herbs, surprise polenta in light cream breadcrumbs with fir powder and dehydrated kaddaif or citrus pavlova, meringue, praline ginger and mint powder are dishes included in the menu. royal menu.

Julia Scavo, the new ambassador of the Rhein Extra brand

Renowned sommelier Julia Scavo, who recently became Brand Ambassador of the Rhein Extra sparkling wine range, spoke about her role and the values ​​she shares with the team at The Iconic Estate.

“The craftsmanship and art of producing wines of exceptional quality, which remain relevant generation after generation, are very rare and extremely precious. Nothing can match the perfect harmony that has gradually been created over the years, between a place endowed with all the attributes to give birth to a royal sparkling wine, a recipe that easily conquers consumers and a dedicated team that loves them. products it creates. I am honored to represent, as a brand ambassador, Rhein Extra sparkling wines. The true passion and love for wines that we share with the team at The Iconic Estate naturally brought us closer together and helped us create a strong bond. Together, we tell the fascinating story of these wines and talk about their qualities to as many people as possible around the world, ”said Julia Scavo, Brand Ambassador Rhein Extra.

Julia Scavo, the new ambassador of the Rhein Extra brand

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