This app allows you to buy wine directly from winemakers across Australia

We love wine and we know you too, and the quality and variety of locally produced wine in Australia has arguably never been on a higher level. Now there’s a new way to get your hands on delicious, drinkable, and interesting drops made in our countless wine regions – and you’ll buy straight from the source.

iCoeurWine is a one-of-a-kind new market that connects wineries and winegrowers directly with the wine-loving public, meaning you can shop for bottles at Australia’s best independent wineries and boutiques without the markup you pay at a retailer, while putting the lion’s share of each sale directly to the producer. Win-win.

This idea of ​​iHeartWine, which exists as an app, was conceived by a writer and wine aficionado, Marc Malouf, as a way to support winegrowers amid the knock-on effects of COVID and the tourism industry that are essentially bottoming out.

Marc explains: “The hard-working vineyards, which would generally thrive on tourism, are struggling. Fewer people can visit, taste and buy wines from family wine producers… 2021 is set to be a bountiful year for grape production and small winemakers. need a channel to broadcast their wine. “

The conservation of producers and winemakers included in the iHeartWine store is heavily influenced by quality products that you can’t just pull off the shelves of your local bottle.

“Each winery on iHeartWine makes wines from a place of truth, passion and obsession,” explains Marc Malouf. “These are the vineyards and winemakers that we should pay attention to and celebrate … but they often suffer from the same basic flaw – they’re somewhat invisible to wine drinkers. Unless you stumble upon a wine on a list. restaurants or take the wrong turn on a trip to a wine country, chances are you’ll never come across these hidden gems and I think it’s time we changed that. “

And when you load your basket, you can feel good knowing that most of your expenses go directly to the growers. All wines sold on iHeartWine come directly from the cellars themselves, which means the cellar earns 90% of each bottle. We will drink to that.

The iHeartWine application is available for download here.

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