U.S. Airlines Suspend Beverage Service, Masks, Not Alcohol Refueling Incidents, FAA Says

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American Airlines passenger misconduct reports have tripled since 2019. Photo / Unsplash, Joshua Hanson

Air travel has been slow to pick up in the United States, especially on long-haul and international routes.

However, one thing that has come back faster than expected is the bad behavior of the passengers, with a different viral video every day.

With 693 serious incidents in the year to August 23, that’s quadruple the rate for 2019 and double the all-time high before the World Trade Center attacks.

This is the highest peak in “air rage” on record.

There has been increased self-defense training for aircrews. CBS reported that FAA flight attendants are now guiding the flight crew on how to respond.

These 693 cases represent only the most serious incidents, which have given rise to investigations.
The FAA 3,988 complains of unruly passengers. Three quarters of them were related to the respect of the mask. Last week, the FAA issued a statement saying it had imposed fines of US $ 1 million ($ 1.4 million) on problem passengers.

The largest individual levies included a fine of $ 25,500 for a passenger who locked himself in a Frontier Airlines bathroom shouting obscenities and “throwing kernels at passengers” and $ 45,000 for a passenger. of jetBlue who was lying in the aisle and assaulted a flight attendant by “lifting his head up her skirt.”

Serious incidents of
Serious incidents of “air rage” reached their peak in the United States, according to the FAA. Photo / Supplied, US FAA

The figures reported by the Zero Tolerance Campaign don’t just show a greater willingness to complain. This is a notable increase in incidents.

Dry skies: alcohol service suspended until 2022

Earlier this month, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker told the New York Times that “reports of customer misconduct” had tripled since 2019.

“We would have around 30 a day in 2019, now we’re getting around 100 a day and we are carrying fewer customers,” he said.

“We haven’t reinstated alcohol on American Airlines flights for that reason. We don’t think we need to make it worse.”

American and Southwest had both suspended alcohol service during the pandemic, with plans to resume when the federal mask mandate expired on September 13.

However, carriers are now saying they will be flying dry until next year. The new tentative date is January 18. However, American says it will resume alcohol sales for the First Class cabins.

Before the pandemic, the International Air Transport Association IATA said alcohol was the single most important factor in unruly passenger incidents.

The Fly Safely, Drink Responsably campaign which was launched in Europe in early 2020, indicated that alcohol was a factor in 27% of unruly and disruptive passenger incidents around the world.

Now, it is the masks, and not alcohol, that are fueling the post-pandemic “air rage”.

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