W. & J. Graham’s unveils a new look for Six Grapes


Leading Port House Unveils Confident, Contemporary New Look For Its Iconic Reserve Port

SAN FRANCISCO, California, June 30, 2021 – The house of Porto leader W. & J. Graham’s has redesigned the packaging of its Port Reserve of Six Raisins with a contemporary look inspired by the famous history of wine. Acquired by Symington Family Estates in 1970, W. & J. Graham’s is an independent family business renowned for producing the best Port wines for two centuries.

The logo has been redesigned to reflect the original Six Grapes stencils traditionally used to mark barrels of the best wine from each harvest. The new bottle is elegantly tapered with rounded shoulders and a red cap to represent the fruity profile of the wine. The new package is launched alongside a redesigned Six Grapes micro-site, https: //sixgrapes.grahams-port.com/.

The iconic symbol of the Six Grapes was born in the 19th century. After each harvest, Graham’s winemakers would mark the Port barrels using grape symbols to rate the wine from one to six. Having six of these symbols marked on the side of the barrel meant that the wine inside was complex, structured, and balanced – and had Vintage Port potential. By the early 1900s, Graham’s had started producing a selected reserve Port from these barrels. Since then, Six Grapes has continued to be Graham’s iconic reserve port. It was served on the luxury ‘Queen Mary’ maiden voyage across the Atlantic in 1936 and again on the ‘Queen Mary II’ in 2004. The wine was also a personal favorite of Sir Winston Churchill with bills from his. wine merchant, Hatch Mansfield & Co. stating that it was the only brand of wearing ordered by the Prime Minister.

Today, Graham’s Six Grapes continues to gain popularity among wine drinkers around the world. From 2015 to 2020, sales increased by 7% in volume and 19% in value. The brand is distributed in 38 markets, with a strong presence both on and off the market in its five main markets: Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and the Netherlands. In the United States, Six Grapes is number one in the ruby ​​reserve value category.

Rupert Symington, CEO of Symington Family Estates, commented: “This is a wine with a remarkable history. We have records in Graham’s Lodge dating from the late 19th century with little Six Grapes symbols in the margins that correspond to barrels containing the same mark. We wanted to honor those origins through the new design, while celebrating Six Grapes’ status today and its appeal to a new generation of Port drinkers.

Graham’s Six Grapes is a blend of vintage quality wines made from four indigenous Douro grape varieties: the aromatic Touriga Franca; Rich, tannic and well structured Touriga Nacional; Tinta Roriz tinted with raspberries; and chocolate noted Tinta Barroca. The wine is aged for two years in aged oak vats which preserve its young and ripe character. It goes well with chocolate desserts and mature cheeses.


W&J Graham’s was founded in Porto in 1820. Recognized around the world for the production of exceptional Vintage Ports, Graham’s also produces a range of Tawny Aged, Late Bottled Vintage, Reserve and Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Ports. Graham’s growing success in the 19th century resulted in the acquisition of the famous Quinta dos Malvedos in the Alto Douro and the construction of the imposing Graham’s 1890 Lodge. Overlooking the city of Porto, Graham’s Lodge is home to over 3,500 aged oak barrels, many large oak vats, an expansive vintage Port cellar and Vinum – one of Porto’s premier restaurants. Graham’s is owned by Symington Family Estates.

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The Symingtons of Scottish, English and Portuguese descent have been producers of Port in northern Portugal since 1882. For 5 generations, they have combined their passion for producing fine wines and Ports with a deep commitment to the land and the inhabitants of the region. Today, ten Symingtons work in their four Porto houses: Graham’s, Cockburn’s, Dow’s and Warre’s, as well as their Douro wine brands – Quinta do Vesuvio, Quinta do Ataíde, Altano and Prats & Symington (renowned Chryseia). In 2017, they launched a new business, Quinta da Fonte Souto, in Alto Alentejo.

Symington Family Estates is a leading producer of premium Port and the family is the primary owner of Douro Valley wineries, with 26 Quintas covering 5,527 acres and 2,530 acres of vineyard. Their vineyards are managed according to sustainable viticulture practices and 276 acres are organically cultivated, the largest area of ​​organic vineyard in the Douro. Symington Family Estates is unique among large port companies in that each working family member operates their own vineyard, alongside those in the family condominium.

All of Symington’s vineyards are sustainably managed under minimum intervention certification and over 300 acres are organically cultivated – the largest area of ​​organic vineyard in northern Portugal. The family has invested heavily in wine R&D to adapt to climate change and has an ambitious sustainability plan, with a series of public goals under the banner of Mission 2025. In 2019, the company became a B certified company Corporation – the first wine company in Portugal to take this step by joining a global community of companies audited to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. Symington was named Ethical Company of the Year at The Drinks Business Green Awards 2019.

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