Whenever I have sexual urges, I drink alcohol -Odjeru Blessing

For lack of a man in her life, rising actress Odjeru Blessing Ogaga has come up with a way to deal with the sexual urge.

She told Saturday Sun: “I don’t have a boyfriend now. Someone asking me out told me to stop acting, but I refused. So for now, I’m single. It’s not really easy, but whenever I have sexual urges, I drink alcohol and I sleep, or I go to church. Sometimes I find something to do just to keep myself busy. I will prefer to marry an actor because it will make me more serious in my acting career. But he must be God fearing, someone who will want me to be myself at all times. I mean someone one who will bring out the best in me, someone who can support me and also help me build my spiritual life.money is not everything but it is important.so my man should have money on average because I believe we can do it together.

Odjeru’s decision to pursue a career in showbiz two years ago split her parents. “My mum was cool with it but my dad refused. He was mad at me for venturing into movies but I still didn’t give up. It was this year that he gave me his blessing in watching one of my movies. He also congratulated me,” she enthused.

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