Wine Australia will provide a roadmap for reducing emissions

Wine Australia today announced a new investment in the industry’s roadmap to net zero emissions, in partnership with specialist sustainability consultants, Edge Environment.

Edge Environment will work with Wine Australia and the wider wine and grape sector to develop an emissions reduction roadmap. This framework will set realistic carbon reduction targets and provide actionable information and tools for producers.

Wine Australia’s managing director of research, development and adoption, Dr Liz Waters, said the roadmap is aligned with the organization’s broader commitments to sustainability.

“Wine, like other agricultural industries, is under increasing social, regulatory and market pressure to respond to climate change,” Dr Waters said.

Dr. Waters also believes that this roadmap will help the industry achieve its goals ahead of time.

“The Australian grape and wine community has collectively set a goal of having net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and the roadmap is essential to help achieve this goal while meeting the business needs of businesses. grapes and wine. With the right advice and support, we believe the wine sector can have net zero carbon emissions well before 2050.

“The threat of climate change to the global wine sector was recognized some time ago and the response requires multiple solutions both to adapt to the impacts of climate change and to take action to reduce the emissions that cause climate change,” added Dr Waters.

The roadmap for reducing emissions will be developed with “extensive engagement with stakeholders across the entire production chain” to ensure it is “not just ambitious, but also clear, practical and well supported, with wine companies and organizations clear on their roles and responsibilities.’ This engagement and consultation will take place over the next six months.

Olivia Tyler, managing director of Edge Environment for ANZ, also commented on the partnership.

“We are delighted to support Wine Australia and Australian Grape & Wine on this key project. The importance of developing and adopting a net-zero emissions roadmap for the sector has never been clearer,” said Tyler.

“Our team brings extensive experience in both wine and agriculture, having worked with a number of local and international wine producers, and we look forward to continuing to provide that support and hands-on knowledge.”

This roadmap is part of Wine Australia’s broader sustainability initiative, which is overseen by Rachel Triggs, Managing Director of Wine Australia, ESG and Market Access. This program is created according to the “triple bottom line” principle, which aims for sustainability in ethical, economic and environmental terms.

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