partners with 100% Cork to promote the environmental benefits of recycling wine corks

100% cork and, the nation’s leading online wine retailer, is proud to announce an eco-friendly partnership to raise awareness of the sustainability and natural benefits of cork stoppers. In November, will launch a national cork promotion which will feature a revolutionary cork recycling initiative. The sustainability promotion will coincide with National Recycling Day on November 15 and feature a cork-sealed wine list from some of America’s leading sustainable wine producers who partner with 100% Cork. The list of eco-responsible wines is available on

The promotion will include a virtual wine tasting on November 4, featuring industry leaders in sustainability: Ridge vineyards (represented by Head Winemaker and COO John Olney), Groth Vineyards & Winery (represented by President and CEO Suzanne Groth), and Vineyards of the Willamette Valley (represented by CEO and Chairman Jim Bernau). Wine lovers who wish to taste and learn from these sustainability leaders can register to attend

“Sustainability is at the forefront of our concerns, as is for our suppliers and our customers,” said Michael Osborn, Founder and Executive Vice President of “We are excited to partner with 100% Cork to educate our customers about the benefits of cork while providing an easy way for them to take action and start recycling immediately.

The sustainability partnership was born out of a common goal of solving some of the most pressing ecological issues facing the wine industry today and helping to raise awareness of the intrinsic benefits of corks as a natural cork and renewable. “We are delighted to partner with for this revolutionary cork promotion that will increase accessibility to cork recycling for households across the country,” said João Rui Ferreira, vice president of Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR). “By partnering with, 100% Cork will be able to educate wine lovers about the many benefits of cork as a natural, renewable and sustainable product. Cork is the highest quality wine stopper in the wine market and remains the gold standard for high end wineries around the world.

At the heart of the 100% Cork and partnership will be a one-of-a-kind e-commerce cork recycling initiative. Using the services of FILLING, will provide sustainable recycled paper envelopes for shipping and recycling used corks. Each envelope contains up to 55 natural cork stoppers and features a QR code that wine enthusiasts can scan to create shipping labels for easy drop-off at USPS locations. QR codes will also offer additional discounts on select premium wines bottled under natural cork on, as well as specials on premium products made from recycled cork, including yoga blocks. , performance insoles and shoes at ReCORK and UNIQUE.

Natural cork stoppers have a negative carbon footprint when used to seal wines bottled in glass containers, according to recent studies by three of the world’s largest auditing companies. A single cap has a balance of up to – 309 grams of CO2; the figures for sparkling wine corks go even higher up to – 589 grams.

By working with ReCORK, 100% Cork will help educate wine lovers across the country on the full life cycle of cork stoppers once they are out of a bottle, highlighting the small but very impactful ways in which wine drinkers can become climate activists through the simple cork recycling process, through its initiative with

About 100% cork

100% Cork is an educational communication campaign on cork stoppers. The campaign’s mission is to provide the wine industry and consumers with the latest information and research on the benefits of natural cork. The campaign was launched by the Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) with the support of the Cork Quality Council to raise awareness of the unique qualities and sustainability of natural cork.


The Associação Portuguesa da Cortiça (APCOR) represents and promotes the Portuguese cork industry and its products. APCOR is the national employers’ association, created in 1956 and based in Santa Maria de Lamas, in the heart of the cork industry about 30 kilometers from Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. Membership of the association is open to all companies operating in the fields of production, marketing or export of cork products. The organization defends the Portuguese cork industry worldwide and is the driving force of an industry based on tradition, innovation and sustainability.

About offers selection, advice, customization and convenience not found in stores – helping customers experience the incredible world of wine with confidence. The live chat sommeliers provide friendly advice and customers enjoy unlimited delivery all year round by joining StewardShip. For more information, visit the company’s website at or download its app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

About ReCORK

ReCORK â„¢ creates high performance, low carbon composite materials and components from recycled natural cork. ReCORK â„¢ was started as a natural cork stopper recycling program in 2008 by Canadian shoe company SOLE â„¢. It has since become the largest program of its kind in North America, with an R&D team dedicated to innovation around the cork recycling process. ReCORK’s proprietary material, ReCORK â„¢ Recycled Cork, redefines what is possible with cork, providing a natural, sustainable and versatile alternative to foams and plastics derived from fossil fuels. ReCORK’s mission is to make petroleum-based foams and plastics obsolete. Learn more about

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