World Sleep Day: GWI Launches Sleep Initiative to Uncover Secrets to Truly Restful Sleep


/// The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) unveiled a new sleep initiative, just in time for World Sleep Day.

The initiative will focus first on discovering the factors that contribute to restful sleep and sharing tips on how to integrate them into lifestyles, homes and hotels around the world.

Allison Howard, Founder and CEO of Wellness Linen Company Nollapelli, has been appointed co-chair alongside Francisco Levine, commercial director of the smart bed supplier Bryte.

“Sleep is not just a part of well-being, it is fundamental to well-being,” said Howard, “because sleeping well is the ultimate preventative medicine and contributes to good health.

“Restful sleep is linked to lower body weight, better mental and physical health, a stronger immune system, and lower risk of chronic disease. ”

The initiative aims to publish guidelines that govern the design and operation of hotel rooms to make them more conducive to truly restful sleep.

“Going forward, the team will explore the interplay between sleep and other pillars of well-being, such as diet and exercise, and discuss evidence-based product and service categories for help ensure restful sleep, ”Howard said.

The sleep industry has exploded during the pandemic, with a host of accessories, services and solutions to help more people get more restful sleep – some retailers have reported a 200% growth in demand for sleep products.

In 2020, the Global Wellness Summit named Senses, Space and Sleep as a US $ 49.5 billion component of the US $ 120.8 billion mental wellness economy.

It is suggested that this recent claim stems from the fact that people’s sleep is negatively affected by the effects of lockdown restrictions, including increased social isolation and strained mental health.

The lockdown also gave people time to think about the health of their sleep routine.

With that in mind, the new GWI initiative has jumped into action by interviewing experts and compiling tips on how to organize ourselves and our environments to make the most of the time we spend sleeping.

Howard revealed that the first person interviewed will be elite athletic trainer Nick Littlehales.

The GWI Sleep Initiative team

The co-chairs of the initiative will also be joined by a team of six other supporting members, including:
Dr Michael Breus PhD – Double-certified clinical psychologist and clinical sleep specialist, known in the United States as the “sleep physician”. Breus has already been asked for a preview by Oprah, Dr Oz, The Doctors, NY Times and the Wall Street newspaper

Dr Param Dedhia – Canyon Ranch Executive Health Expert, Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Director of Sleep Medicine. Prior to this role, Dedhia spent 10 years at Johns Hopkins in internal medicine, gerontology, obesity medicine and public health.

Thom downing – Owner of Focused Individual Trainers with over three decades of high performance coaching experience. Downing holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in kinesiology and is board certified in athletic training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition.

Tammy pahel – Founder and Director of Spa Management Solutions and Vice President of Spa and Wellness at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Dr Rebecca Robbins – Sleeping researcher and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and associate researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

JD Velilla – Senior Director of Sleep Experience and Technology for Tuft & Needle and Resident Sleep Expert for Serta Simmons Bedding, which includes the Serta, Beautyrest, Simmons and Tuft & Needle brand portfolio.

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